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About Me

Maria Papageorgiou

It has always been my dream to have my own food court. In June 2021, after 22 years working as an International Marketing Manager for one of the largest accommodation providers in the UK, I decided to make a career change. Cooking and baking is my passion. I love experimenting with food and creating my own recipes. Hosting family and friends is another passion of mine. I guess it’s something I learned from a young age growing up in the 70’s in one of the most popular restaurants next to my grandmother and mother. From my grandmother, who was the chef, and a pioneer of her time, I learned to cook, experiment with new ingredients, and follow the trends and needs of the time to meet the desires of customers. From my mother, the restaurant manager, I learned how to serve customers. Good food and good customer service were taught to me from a young age.

We love great coffee and fresh quality food. This is what we do @ Maritsi!

My academic background consists of a degree in consumer studies and a post-graduate diploma in food technology. During my studies, I worked in family-run businesses and restaurants in the UK, which made me want to open my own restaurant. To make this a reality, I hired a team of professionals. With the architects and one of the most promising chefs as consultants, we began to realize my vision. We selected the best contractor in town to help us complete the project, and an army of other professionals to assist us. Coffee roasters, IT, marketing consultants, food photographers, graphic designers, all worked together to make my vision come true. We all put a lot of love and passion into this project and we are sure you will love our slightly different food, our own coffee brand and our food court. Our barista and chef are looking forward to fulfilling your wishes.